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Setting new taxpayer records

New data from HMRC reveals there are now over six million people paying higher or additional rate tax in the UK.

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Cash is not what it used to be

At the end of September, the old paper £50 and £20 notes will no longer be legal tender. But has cash in general had its day?

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A game of two halves? 2022's rollercoaster for investors

The world’s share markets had a bad first half of 2022, but for once the UK performance was better than many.

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The impact of raising the State Pension age

New research shows how the most recent increase in state pension age has hit those affected.

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ISAs: withering on the vine?

New statistics show this year’s ISA season attracted less than half of last year’s total net investment.

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60% income tax reappears

The high marginal tax rates created by phasing out the personal allowance are back in the news.

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Flaming June sees interest rates flare

June was a month for rising interest rates on both sides of the Atlantic.

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Pension tax relief knowledge gap

How well is the tax relief on pensions understood? Research suggests not well at all, potentially undermining saving motivations.

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Retirement spending surprises

Recent research has cast a new light on retirement spending habits.

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Inflation climbing: what's going on?

In April, UK inflation reached a level not seen since the early 1980s – many people’s entire adult lives.

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