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Dissecting inflation: what a difference a year makes

Annual CPI inflation hit 10.1% in September, but that does not mean every price is showing a double-digit increase.

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After the storm: self-employed tax planning

If you are self-employed or work via a company the winding back of many of the proposals in September’s mini-Budget has altered tax planning.

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Gilts get their moment in the limelight

Government bonds, often called gilts, are traditionally dull investments. However, as recent events highlighted, they are an important part of the financial landscape.

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The lessons from the Mini Budget U-turns

The rapid unwinding of most of September’s so-called mini-Budget has important implications.

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Calling all young adults: don't forget about your Child Trust Fund

Nearly all children born between 1 September 2002 and 2 January 2011 were the lucky recipients of a government handout – usually £250 or £500 – which was locked away in a Child Trust Fund (CTF). CTFs were…

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'The Growth Plan' – a further update

At 6.00 am on Monday 17 October, the Treasury issued a press release announcing that the (new) Chancellor, Jeremy Hunt, would making a statement “bringing forward measures from the Medium-Term Fiscal Plan”. The…

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The Growth Plan – an Update

On 14 October, as an important deadline loomed for Bank of England support of the government bond markets to expire, the government’s political turmoil ratcheted up as the fallout from the ‘fiscal event’ of 23…

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Timing is everything

September’s ‘mini-Budget’ made major changes to tax and national insurance contribution (NIC) rates, which have important short-term consequences.

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The fight against rising inflation

There are many simple ways to cut expenditure and ease the bite of inflation.

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Turbulent waters: A dramatic ending to Q3

The world’s share markets had an eventful end to the third quarter, down at least in part to the fallout from UK’s ‘mini-Budget’.

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